‘Unaccompanied’ migrant children to be housed in NC after Biden admin inks 5 year deal  

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Unaccompanied migrant children will soon be transported and detained at a former private school located in Greensboro, NC thanks to President Joe Biden’s administration. The contract between the Office of Refugee Resettlement and American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro had a five-year initial term, which will allow the Department of Health and Human Services to occupy the campus until at least 2027. “It was made perfectly for the situation,” Skip Alston, Guilford County Commission Chairman Skip told KFMY. “We are dealing with children. That’s what we have to look into. … These children didn’t ask to be put in those positions. Unfortunately, parents put them in those positions,” he said. Government officials have had their eyes on the former boarding school as a potential site for migrant children who are often smuggled across the border by drug cartels since at least May 2021. Its first residents are expected as early as next month. “It is important to remember we are talking about a transition site for children. The facility is not a permanent home for unaccompanied minors,” Alston said. “ORR is legally required to provide for the care and custody of all unaccompanied children (UC) referred by DHS to ORR until they are appropriately and safely placed with a vetted sponsor. I can only imagine how emotionally and mentally difficult it must be to be a child in a new country, with a new language, to be all alone and separated from the comfort and support of the people you know who love and care about you.” A group of Republican members of Congress questioned the Health and Human Services agency in a letter to its Secretary Xavier Becerra on Thursday after he denied last year that a facility would be opened in North Carolina.

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