Ukrainian president says there was ‘no blackmail’ in infamous July phone call with Trump


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Thursday there was “no blackmail” in a July telephone call with President Donald Trump that provoked an impeachment inquiry. The recently-elected Ukrainian leader made the comments during an all-day “press marathon” held in a food court in the capital, Kyiv, where he took questions from dozens of local and international journalists.

“This has nothing to do with weapons and the Burisma situation,” Zelenskiy said when asked about accusations that Trump had pressured him to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, and his role on the board of the energy company Burisma Holdings. “There was no blackmail; it was not the subject of our conversation,” he added. “The call could have no impact on our relations with America.”

When asked by ABC News Chief National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas about whether he thought it was corrupt for a foreign government to be asked to probe a political rival, Zelenskiy said he has broken no laws and is not corrupt, and that he will not judge Trump or his actions. “I’m against corruption,” Zelenskiy told Llamas. “This is not corruption, it was just [a] call.”

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