Ukrainian oligarch says he performed Jewish death curse against Putin

Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Hennadiy Korban stated that he performed the Pulsa Denura “death curse” against Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with the Ukrainian Radio NV on Friday.

“Pulsa Denura is a complex, difficult procedure. I am not a person who strictly observes rituals, although I am a believer, but I think that this fast somehow also influenced the fact that so far Dniepro has not been hit. I want to knock on wood, I don’t want to jinx it, God forbid, nevertheless, it is so,” Korban told the radio station.

“By the way, maybe this is irrational logic, very often dictators – such as Putin, Hitler, Stalin – are very irrational in this regard and believe in many magical, mystical things. After all, we know from various chronicles that there were some shamans, astrologers and non-traditional healers under these people. Therefore, these people are very inclined to believe and are afraid of some mystical things.”


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