Ukrainian officials post grim photos of dead Russian soldiers online  

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NY Post

Gruesome photos of dead Russian soldiers are being shared online by Ukrainian officials to combat Kremlin censorship of its deadly invasion — while another video shows weeping Russian fighters admitting to war crimes. The images are being posted on various Telegram channels run by Ukraine’s interior ministry and Security Service as the violence continues to escalate.

Russian troops were met with huge resistance from Ukrainian forces after President Vladimir Putin gave the orders to invade last week. But days after launching the full-scale attack, Moscow was still refusing to disclose how many of its own soldiers had been killed or captured. Russia’s defense ministry only admitted on Sunday that they had experienced some losses, but only went as far as saying the number was far lower than those suffered by Ukraine. In addition to the photos of slain soldiers, Ukrainian officials are parading captured Russian forces on social media by posting videos of them weeping and admitting to war crimes.

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