Ukraine Orthodox Church head: ‘Killing Russian invaders isn’t a sin’


Killing Russian soldiers isn’t a sin, Metropolitan Epiphanius I of Ukraine, head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, said Monday in a telethon, as reported by Ukrainian state media Ukrinform.

“We, as a nation, do not wish death to our neighbors,” Epiphanius was reported to have said. “However, since they came to our land, we’re defending our land. Protecting ourselves is not a sin.”

The archbishop blessed the Ukrainian people in their fight against Russia.

This is not the first statement he has made regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine: A previous statement in late February argued that “the spirit of the anti-Christ operates in the leader of Russia.”

He claimed that the “signs” were revealed to indicate this, citing “Pride, devotion to evil, ruthlessness [and] false religiosity.”


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