Ukraine nuclear company warns of Chernobyl radiation risk


Ukraine’s state-run nuclear company warned Wednesday that radioactive material could be released from the defunct Chernobyl plant because it can’t cool spent fuel after its power connection was severed.

Russian forces have taken the Ukrainian plant — the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster in 1986 — off the grid, according to Energoatom.

“Because of military actions of Russian occupiers the nuclear power plant in Chornobyl was fully disconnected from the power grid,” the system operator NPC Ukrenergo said, according to Interfax Ukraine.

“The nuclear station has no power supply. The military actions are in progress, so there is no possibility to restore the lines,” it said.

The system operator warned that without electricity, the cooling systems necessary for the fuel will stop.

“As a result, the temperature in the spent fuel radioactive substances into the environment. By wind, a radioactive cloud can be transferred to other regions of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Europe,” the company said.


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