Ukraine Fires Back at Biden: You ‘Did Not Want to Hear Us’


Ukraine’s office of the president is firing back at President Joe Biden’s claim to Democrat donors that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “didn’t want to hear” about intelligence Russia’s Vladimir Putin was going to invade.

Instead, Ukraine presidential speaker Sergei Nikiforov shot back at Biden, saying Biden and the world “did not want to hear us.”

Sources told Newsmax, Zelenskyy never listened to Biden, saying the Ukrainian leader always trusted his own intelligence above all, because it came from within and from the front lines in Ukraine.

“Therefore, the phrase ‘did not want to hear’ probably needs clarification,” Nikiforov responded to Biden’s “didn’t want to hear it” claim. “In addition, if you remember, the president of Ukraine called on partners to introduce a package of preventive sanctions in order to encourage Russia to withdraw its troops and deescalate the situation.


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