UK mobile company warns of ‘risk to human life’ as 53 5G masts now attacked by ‘mindless’ conspiracy theory arsonists

The Sun UK:

RECKLESS conspiracy theorists pose a “risk to human life” by burning down phone masts, EE Limited (a British mobile phone company) has warned.

It comes as arsonists who falsely believe 5G caused coronavirus have attacked 53 network towers across the

Earlier this week, a Vodafone mast serving Birmingham’s Nightingale hospital was damaged in an attack. It means vital phone signals are being disrupted at a time when connectivity is more important than ever. Dozens of masts up and down the UK have been damaged by gullible criminals – including 23 EE sites.

“Mindless attacks on key workers and deliberately removing mobile signal is a reckless, harmful and dangerous thing to do,” an EE spokesperson told The Sun.

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