UK Defence Secretary chokes up as he admits ‘some people won’t get back’ from Afghanistan

The Mirror:

BTW, where is the U.S. Defense Secretary? What’s his name, oh right Lloyd Austin. Anyone seen him recently?

The UK Defence Secretary choked up in a live interview as he admitted “some people won’t get back” from Afghanistan.

Ben Wallace, a former Army Officer, trailed off after confessing there had been “20 years of sacrifice” only for the Taliban to regain control of the country.

Some 457 British troops died in Afghanistan in the 20 years since Western allies invaded the country in the ‘war on terror’.

Mr Wallace today said the UK was hoping to fly out 782 Afghans who helped British forces “in the next 24 to 36 hours” – but admitted there are thousands more with an uncertain future.

He said he was “confident” all those who needed to evacuate could do so in the next two weeks, but only if the military area of Kabul airport is not overwhelmed.

His voice choking, he told LBC Radio: “It’s a really deep part of regret for me, erm, some people won’t get back.

“Some people won’t get back. And we will have to do our best and third countries to process those people.”

Asked why he felt it so personally, he replied: “Because I’m a soldier-erm, because it’s sad and the West has done what it’s done. And we have to do our very best to get people out and stand by our obligations.

“And 20 years of sacrifice… um… is what it is.”

Mr Wallace attended Sandhurst and served as an Officer in the Scots Guards in the 1990s, seeing service in Northern Ireland, Germany, Cyprus and Central America.

Taliban fighters swept into the capital Kabul last night as the Western-backed President fled, two decades after the hardline Islamist group was ousted from power in the ‘war on terror’.

Scenes of chaos have erupted at Kabul Airport with Afghans scrambling to catch flights, and the few remaining British diplomats trying to process visas to get interpreters and UK nationals.

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