UK: Convicted Acid-Attack Killer Launches Jihadist Terror Attack on Prison Staff

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A man convicted of killing a grieving mother with “industrial strength” acid has launched a terror attack on prison staff after becoming radicalised behind bars, according to reports.

Xeneral Imiuru, also known as Xeneral Webster, is said to have feigned a suicide attempt in order to lure guards to his cell in HMP Winchester.

When they approached his seemingly lifeless body, he leapt to his feet and launched what The Times describes as a “copycat jihadist attack” with an improvised blade, although fortunately they were able to restrain him without injury.

It is the second known attack of this sort in a British prison in 2020, with terrorist “emir” Brusthom Ziamani and another prisoner having stabbed and slashed a number of prison staff with makeshift weapons while wearing fake bomb belts and screaming “Allahu Akbar!”

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