UC San Diego Prof Says She Gave All Her Students A’s to ‘Decolonize’ Classroom

A former UC San Diego professor who recently left the university said in a video that she gave all her students A’s to “decolonize” her classroom.

“We do not grade over here,” Dr. Chandler Puritty said in a now-viral video, which she posted to her TikTok account. “Anyone who takes my class automatically gets an A.”

Watch Below:

“They’re told in the first week that they’re going to get an A,” Puritty continued. “The only thing that’s required is attendance, and I have weeks of excused absences built in so that if people are sick or they have family obligations, it won’t affect their grade.”

“I also don’t give homework, surprise, surprise,” Puritty added. “And I run a discussion-style classroom, so my students and I have equal part when it comes to bringing information to the table.”

Amusingly, Puritty went on to say that students can “apply the things they’ve learned in all their other classes” while in her class.

“We all sit together and share what we’re talking about, and they get to use their critical thinking skills to apply the things they’ve learned in all their other classes,” she said.

While the university declined to comment on whether or not it stands behind Puritty’s teaching methods, it told ABC News 4 that Puritty no longer works at the school.


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