U.S. to ease travel restrictions for foreign visitors who are vaccinated against Covid


The Biden administration will require foreign nationals to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter the U.S.

The new plan will end broad bans on most non-citizens from entering the U.S. from the EU, U.K. and other countries.

Airlines have urged the Biden administration to lift the rules, which have hurt demand for international travel.

The U.S. will ease travel restrictions for international visitors who are vaccinated against Covid-19 in November, including those from the U.K. and EU, the White House said Monday. Non-citizens visiting the United States will have to show proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test taken within three days of departure, said Jeff Zients, who is leading the nation’s Covid response efforts for the White House. The changes will take effect in early November, which the airline industry expects will spur holiday bookings. “They must show proof of vaccination prior to boarding a U.S.-bound airplane,” Zients said during a press briefing. Airlines and other travel-industry groups have clamored for the U.S. to lift the restrictions for months. The Trump administration had first issued the rules, which now apply to more than 30 countries, in March 2020. President Joe Biden upheld those rules in January, shortly after taking office. The Biden administration is also tightening rules for unvaccinated U.S. citizens returning home. They will need to test one day before departure and test again after returning.

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