U.S. Space Force’s First Offensive Weapon Is a Satellite Jammer


The United States Space force now has offensive power, though it might not be the massive orbiting weapons system that you’re envisioning. The new weapons system delivered to the space force is a jammer type array that can prevent military or intelligence combatants from accessing their military satellites. This functionality allows the space force to neutralize orbiting satellites in a matter of minutes. How the new weapons work The new weapons are technically called Counter Communications Systems (CCS) Block 10.2. Delivered to the 4th Space Control Squadron of the newly created space force, they’re a welcome addition to the military branch’s capabilities. The program manager for the new weapons system, Maj. Seth Horner of the United States Space Force had this to say about the new CCS. “The Counter Communications System is a transportable satellite communications system that provides a ground-based capability to reversibly deny adversary satellite communications. CCS has had incremental upgrades since the early 2000’s, which have incorporated new techniques, frequency bands, technology refreshes, and lessons learned from previous block upgrades. This specific upgrade includes new software capabilities to counter new adversary targets and threats.”


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