U.S. Coast Guard Repatriates 270 Cuban, Haitian Migrants Captured at Sea

U.S. Coast Guard authorities repatriated 270 Cuban and Haitian migrants to their home countries on Monday. The migrants were encountered on makeshift boats.

Coast Guardsmen on the Angela McShan and Pablo Valents transported 187 Cuban migrants to their home nation on Monday. The repatriations took place after authorities interdicted the migrants on homemade vessels on January 1 and 2 in the Florida Straights, according to a statement from Coast Guard officials.

The Guardsmen apprehended the Cuban migrants in a variety of makeshift and homemade boats after being notified by concerned citizens and other law enforcement agencies.

“Coast Guard crews and our partner agencies continue to patrol the Florida Straits maintaining a presence with air and sea assets each and every day,” Lt. Cmdr. Mark Cobb, Coast Guard District Seven, said in the statement. “Our crews diligently patrol the region to prevent people from losing their lives in these dangerous attempts.”

Since Oct. 1, 2022, Coast Guard crews interdicted 4,881 Cubans, officials reported. This compares to 6,182 apprehended during all of FY22 and more than the total apprehensions of Cuban migrants at sea in FY17-21 combined.

Also on Monday, crewmembers of the Cutter Bear repatriated 83 Haitians to their home nation.


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