U.S. Approves Fresh Ukraine Military Aid Boost: Total Now at $32 Billion (and Rising)

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A fresh package of direct U.S. military aid for Ukraine worth $400 million is expected to be approved Friday. The boost takes the total in taxpayer dollars the Pentagon has released to $32 billion with no end in sight as it continues to draw down existing weapons stocks.

U.S. officials told AP news service eight M60A1 vehicles that can launch bridges and allow troops to cross rivers or other gaps will form the bulk of the latest delivery. Large amounts of ammunition, such as rockets for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, will also be sent on their way.

Officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the aid package has not yet been publicly announced, AP set out.

The M60A1 Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB) is a portable, 60-foot folding metal bridge carried atop a tank body.

Providing that system now could help Ukrainian troops as they launch an expected offensive and make it easier for troops to cross rivers to attack Russian forces.

The vehicle bridges and ammunition will be taken from Pentagon stocks through the presidential drawdown authority, so they will be able to be delivered quickly to the warfront.

The aid will also include an undisclosed amount of rounds for howitzers, other ammunition, demolition munitions and other equipment to clear obstacles, spare parts and equipment for vehicle maintenance and repair.