U.N. cries poor [again]: issues unprecedented $29 billion emergency funding appeal


The cash-strapped United Nations has issued an unprecedented global appeal for funds, claiming Wednesday it needs an immediate injection of $29 billion of global taxpayer money as “climate change” and global conflicts pressure existing budgets.

The world body’s Global Humanitarian Overview estimated some 168 million people worldwide will need emergency assistance in 2020, with demand a direct product of “more extreme weather events, notably drought and flooding, which trigger humanitarian emergencies,” U.N. emergency relief coordinator Mark Lowcock said.

His plea for cash comes just two months after a series of cutbacks began at the U.N.’s New York headquarters, starting with the heating being turned down, the diplomats’ bar shuttering early at 5pm and meetings canceled along with diminished first class global travel budgets.

As Breitbart News reported, the globalist organization is currently running a deficit of $230 million at the same time it has invited 25,000 delegates to fly into a two-week conference on climate in Madrid, Spain.

Lowcock said the latest appeal for more money followed a continued rise in global conflicts that “are becoming more protracted and intense” which meant more money was needed by the U.N. if it was to play its part in global peace.

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