Tyson Fury’s 100 PINT binges: Ricky ‘Fatton’ Hatton lifts lid on boxer’s 28st HELL


Hatton, 40, said the Gypsy King was “massively overweight” between his win against Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 and his comeback fight in June this year.

Tyson Fury ballooned to an astonishing 28st and was necking 100 pints a week as he spiralled into a pit of depression.

But at his weigh-in with Deontay Wilder at around 9pm tonight UK time, Fury is expected to weigh in around 10st lighter.

Hatton heaped praise on the turnaround, telling Daily Star Online: “I used to see him in pubs in Manchester and think, I don’t share your enthusiasm Tyson, I don’t think you’re gonna do it my mate.

“But when I saw him in the gym and we had that picture together, and he was massively overweight, I knew he was going to do it because I could tell speaking to him, and I know what his attitude and mentality is like.”

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