Two U.S. doctors in critical condition with COVID-19: one in his 40s in Washington

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Oregon Live:

Two doctors have been hospitalized in critical condition with COVID-19, including one in Washington, according to the American College of Emergency Physicians.

The Washington doctor, who is in his 40s, works for EvergreenHealth. That’s the hospital system in Kirkland, Washington, which has treated dozens of patients from the Life Care Center, the nursing home at the center of Washington’s deadliest outbreak.

The doctor was directly responsible for treating patients with COVID-19, a spokesman for the hospital confirmed. But it’s unclear if the doctor became infected with coronavirus from treating patients or through other community contacts, according to the American College of Emergency Physicians.


The second doctor with COVID-19 is in his 70s and works in Patterson, New Jersey, according to Jaquis’ statement. That doctor leads his institution’s emergency preparedness efforts and was admitted to the hospital several days ago with upper respiratory problems.

He remains in isolation in the intensive care unit, according to Jaquis’ statement.

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