Two Russian nationals, including Putin critic, found dead in hotel in India

Russian politician and businessman Pavel Antov was found lying in a pool of blood outside a hotel in eastern India on Monday, just days after his friend, Vladimir Bidenov, died at the same hotel.

Antov was a member of the legislative assembly of the Vladimir Region and founded the Vladimir Standard meat processing plant. He was ranked as the richest civil servant in Russia in 2019, with an income of 9.97 billion rubles.

“Our colleague, a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist Pavel Antov passed away. On behalf of the deputies of the United Russia faction, I express my deep condolences to relatives and friends,” said Vice Speaker of the Regional Parliament Vyacheslav Kartukhin.

In July, Antov published a message on WhatsApp criticizing Russian attacks on Kyiv as “terrorism,” although he later retracted the post and claimed it had been posted by someone else.

The fact that Antov fell out of a hotel window sparked concerns of foul play, as opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin have been killed in similar ways.

An unnamed police source told NDTV that Antov’s death appeared to be a suicide as Antov was depressed after his friend’s death. On Thursday, Bidenov was found lying unconscious in his room at the hotel, with a few empty wine bottles around him. He was rushed to a local hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Odisha Police announced on Tuesday that the inquiry into the two deaths was being taken over by the Crime Branch, Crime Investigation Department of India.

NDTV reported on Tuesday that the Russian Embassy had stated that no criminal link had been found to the deaths of the two Russians in Odisha.


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