Two Doctors Suspended for Accidentally Removing Trans Man’s Vagina

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National Life:

The female-to-male patient had not requested removal of genitals in procedure.

Two doctors at an exclusive medical practice in London have been suspended after accidentally removing the vagina of a transgender man who was requesting cosmetic surgery to add a penis and a hysterectomy.

After the doctors became aware of the mistake they had made, one of the doctors attempted to amend the consent form to legitimize the wrongful procedure.

Giulio Garaffa, a renowned penis consultant at the exclusive Harley Street medical center, accidentally carried out an unnecessary and unwanted procedure–removing the patient’s vagina, which they had not requested–and, when the mistake was realized, his colleague, Marco Capece, altered the form to make it appear as if consent had been given, a tribunal was told, according to The Daily Mail.

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