Twerking State Senator Claims She is Being Targeted Because She’s “Queer” and “Black”

A state senator who posted a video of herself upside-down twerking on a beach as part of her re-election campaign claims she is being targeted for being “black” and “queer.”

Yes, really.

28-year-old Rhode Island state senator Tiara Mack caused controversy after posting the clip on TikTok, which shows her performing the sexualized dance move while standing on her head before saying to the camera, “Vote senator Mack!”

Mack, who lists her pronouns in her Twitter bio and says she is a “queer educator,” previously celebrated her teaching role, during which she taught “comprehensive, queer inclusive, pleasure based sex ed.”

The state senator, the first openly gay black woman to enter the Rhode Island legislature, claims that the backlash to her stunt has nothing to do with the sheer idiocy of the act itself, but is because she is “black” and “queer.”

She also complained about the media giving her attention for twerking and not for her Ivy League degree or sporting achievements.

Amanda Litman also defended Mack, asserting, “The trolls aren’t coming for @runforsomething candidate @MackDistrict6 because of a video – they’re coming for b/c she’s a young queer Black leader & a fierce champion for repro rights.”


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