TV Host Jorge Ramos: ‘Trump Got His Wish. Mexico Is Now the Wall’

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UNIVION newscaster Jorge Ramos says President Donald Trump has persuaded Mexico to become the border wall. Under the headline, “Trump Got His Wish. Mexico Is Now the Wall,” Ramos wrote in the February 7 issue of the New York Times: Mexico has effectively turned into an extension of Mr. Trump’s immigration police beyond American territory. And this is the case on multiple fronts: On the southern border with Guatemala, they prevent Central American migrants from coming into Mexico; on the northern one, they block those seeking entry to the United States from leaving. The decision of Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also known as AMLO, to follow this approach is misguided. He should let migrants continue their journey north. Ramos’ admission is a startling declaration of defeat by a pro-migration, Mexican-born cheerleader.


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