Trump’s failure to get border wall built becomes 2020 campaign promise anew


Politicians start working on re-election the day they win office (at least the ones who keep winning do). And that’s what President Trump did.

There’s no way to know whether he actually uttered this sentence — “Let’s not build the wall I promised throughout my campaign because I want that issue alive in four years.” But we do know that he didn’t get it built in his first two years in office, when Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress. His chances are even more remote now that Democrats control the House.

Sure, Democrats have opposed him at every turn, and the GOP never had enough votes in the Senate to shove border-barrier legislation through without at least a few votes from Democrats. Still, there’s no question that Mr. Trump will again make the border his central campaign issue.

In fact, it’s already underway (lest you doubt that the 2020 election season is really underway). Last Friday, Donald J. Trump For President Inc., released a new video, just hours before the president boarded a plane to fly to the U.S.-Mexico border to view construction of a portion of a new barrier there.

“The video features 2020 Democrats flippantly dismissing the situation, as well as prominent Obama era experts and media figures admitting that there is indeed a crisis. The video closes with a call for Democrats in Congress to work with President Trump to address the problem,” the campaign said.

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