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President Trump’s 1776 Commission – described by the White House as a “historic and scholarly” effort to help restore Americans’ understanding of how the country was founded – has released its final report, which it describes as a “dispositive rebuttal of reckless ‘re-education’ attempts.”

The White House also said the 45-page report provides a chronicle of U.S. history challenge those that attempt to “reframe American history around the idea that the United States is not an exceptional country but an evil one.”

The report, released Monday, is also critical of what it calls “destructive scholarship” that misrepresents the history of slavery and racial discrimination, according to the New York Post.


Trump created the commission last year amid the national anti-police brutality protests that took aim at many of the country’s Founding Fathers, attempting and frequently succeeding in removing statutes of them from public places. 

The 1776 Commission was also formed about one year after The New York Times’1619 Project which attempted to reframe U.S. history by putting the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans more center of the “national narrative.”

The Report is HERE and begins like this …

“In the course of human events there have always been those who deny or reject human freedom, but Americans will never falter in defending the fundamental truths of human liberty proclaimed on July 4, 1776. We will—we must—always hold these truths. The declared purpose of the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission is to “enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the United States in 1776 and to strive to form a more perfect Union.” This requires a restoration of American education, which can only be grounded on a history of those principles that is “accurate, honest, unifying, inspiring, and ennobling.” And a rediscovery of our shared identity rooted in our founding principles is the path to a renewed American unity and a confident American future.”

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