COVID – ‘It’s going to have hot spots that we put out. The hot spot will never close the country.’

In his interview with Michael Savage on June 15, 2020 Trump said that we expect there to be coronavirus hot spots. That is how we will deal with them, case by case. We will not shut down the country again.

Here is an example …

Yahoo News:

West Virginia sees coronavirus outbreaks in churches.

Less than a month after President Trump urged churches to reopen, West Virginia has reported a significant number of coronavirus outbreaks linked to houses of worship. According to the state’s public health office, a total of five churches have seen outbreaks.

Those churches are scattered across the rugged, mountainous state. The affected churches are in Jefferson County on the border with Maryland; Boone County, in the state’s southwestern coalfields, not far from the Kentucky border; Hampshire County, also near the Maryland border; and Marshall County, in a narrow swath of the state squeezed between Ohio and Pennsylvania known as the Northern Panhandle.

The state’s Department of Health and Human Resources announced the five-church outbreak in a Saturday press release about a house of worship in Greenbrier County, where it said “at least 17 cases have been identified.” It did not name the Greenbrier church, or the churches in the other four counties, to “protect the possibility of identifying individuals.”

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