Trump-Supporting Democrat, ‘Opposite of AOC,’ Running in NY’s 15th District

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Pastor Ruben Diaz Sr., a Trump-supporting Democrat on the city council in New York’s 18th Congressional District, has raised the concern of progressive party members after tossing his hat in the ring to run for the 15th district’s open House of Representatives seat.
According to feature in Newsweek:

 [Diaz is] a flamboyant, cowboy hat-wearing New York City councilman who immediately distinguished his views when he announced his run in 2019, saying “I am the opposite of AOC in the South Bronx.”

And that has national Democrats, opponents and progressives like Planned Parenthood and LGBT groups in a panic because the 77-year-old minister has a history of making inflammatory statements about homosexuals and strongly opposes abortion because of his religious beliefs.

“He would instantly become Donald Trump’s favorite New York congressman,” strategist Eric Koch of anti-Diaz super PAC Bronx United told Newsweek, adding that Diaz Sr. would be an unreliable Democratic vote in the House caucus.

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