Trump says niece Mary is violating nondisclosure agreement with tell-all book

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New York Post:

President Trump has broken his silence following the revelation that his niece, Mary Trump, plans to publish a tell-all about their family.

“She’s not allowed to write a book,” the commander-in-chief told Axios in an interview published Sunday evening, citing a nondisclosure agreement she signed almost two decades ago.

“You know, when we settled with her and her brother, who I do have a good relationship with — she’s got a brother, Fred, who I do have a good relationship with, but when we settled, she has a total … signed a nondisclosure,” he continued.

The agreement itself is a “very powerful one,” Trump told the outlet, adding, “It covers everything.”

According to the president, he and members of his family were blindsided last week when news of the book came to light.

“I have a brother, Robert, very good guy, and he’s — he’s very angry about it, but she signed a nondisclosure agreement and she’s obviously not honoring it if she writes a book. It’s too bad,” he said.

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