Trump Says He Now Wants Bigger Stimulus Than Democrats Offering

President Donald Trump said he wants an even bigger stimulus than what Democrats have offered so far, seeming to undercut his own negotiators, who had prepared a $1.8 trillion offer to make to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today.

“I would like to see a bigger stimulus package, frankly, than either the Democrats or the Republicans are offering,” Trump said on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program, saying he’s going in the “exact opposite” direction from his earlier stances.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was heading into talks with Pelosi on Friday carrying a White House offer of $1.8 trillion for economic stimulus, according to people familiar with the matter. Pelosi has proposed a $2.2 trillion plan, down from the $3.4 trillion package the House passed in May, but many Republicans in Congress have said they would oppose any plan approaching that size.

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