Getting through special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s 2016 election meddling, which he has ridiculed as a “witch hunt,” required faith and God, according to President Donald Trump.

“People say, ‘How do you get through that whole stuff? How do you go through those witch hunts and everything else?'” Trump said¬†during a National Day of Prayer service, talking about his administration and Vice President Mike Pence get through the resistance and obstruction.

We just do it, right? And we think about God. That’s true.”

The off-the-cuff comment came after quoting scripture on renewing strength and getting through hard times.

“Those that hope in the Lord will renew their strength,” President Trump said during his speech. “They will soar on the wings like eagles. They will run and now grow weary. And they will walk and not feel faint.

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