TULSA – Trump Roars Back onto the Campaign Trail

Fox News:

“… scathing tone, impromptu digressions and political broadsides … back into his campaign element…”

President Trump roared back onto the campaign trail Saturday night with a rally before thousands of supporters in Tulsa, Okla., using the fiery and freewheeling appearance to mock Democratic foe Joe Biden, criticize those tearing down monuments to controversial historical figures and decry what he described as the “disaster” demonstration in Seattle.

Trump tore into the occupation of several blocks in Seattle by left-wing protesters, which covers an abandoned police precinct, saying it is an example of the “radical left” and comparing that against his campaign’s “law and order” platform. The occupants, whom Trump described as “anarchists,” call their area the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, or CHOP.

“We’re not talking about some little place, we’re talking about Seattle,” Trump said, tearing into the Democratic officials in Seattle and Washington state. He said he had a standing offer that “any time you want, we’ll come in” and straighten out the issues in Seattle “in an hour or less.”

But, he said: “I may be wrong, but it’s probably better for us to just watch that disaster.”


The rally’s scathing tone, impromptu digressions and political broadsides reflected Trump slipping right back into his campaign element after the pandemic-induced hiatus.

Tulsa marked the president’s first rally since early March, when both Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden canceled in-person campaign events as the seriousness of the coronavirus crisis began to set in. But Trump, who for months has been itching to get the country’s economy back to normal and get himself back in front of supporters at his rallies, is the first to resume large in-person events.


Trump also claimed Saturday that “silent majority is stronger than ever” and touted Republicans as the “party of Abraham Lincoln” and “law and order,” in comments appearing to indicate how he will frame his reelection campaign as the November election approaches.

Trump early in his remarks also touted reform to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the breakneck pace at which the Senate has confirmed his judicial nominees and tax cut legislation he signed into law.

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