Trump likely to sign border deal to avoid government shutdown: Reports


President Trump is likely to sign a bipartisan agreement to keep open the government and provide about $1.4 billion for border barriers, according to multiple reports Wednesday citing sources familiar with his thinking.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would not confirm the reports, saying the president is withholding judgment until congressional negotiators complete their work on the agreement.

“We want to see what the final piece of legislation looks like,” she told reporters at the White House. “It’s hard to say definitively whether or not the president is going to sign it until we know everything that’s in it. The president isn’t fully happy, as he said yesterday, with everything that’s in the legislation. But there are some positive pieces of it.”

Mr. Trump suggested in a tweet late Tuesday night that he was willing to accept the deal, although didn’t make any promises.

“I want to thank all Republicans for the work you have done in dealing with the Radical Left on Border Security,” Mr. Trump tweeted. “Not an easy task, but the Wall is being built and will be a great achievement and contributor toward life and safety within our Country!”

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