Trump is a pit bull fighting for America: Devine

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New York Post:

Quick! Get out the smelling salts for all the faint hearts hyperventilating about President Trump’s “lack of decorum” at Tuesday night’s debate.

Did they really expect him to play by Marquess of Queensberry rules?

Jake Tapper on CNN lamented that a friend’s sixth-grade daughter “burst into tears, had to run to bed” because she was “so appalled” by Trump’s behavior.

Debate reviews by media bien pensants were summarized in a Joe Biden campaign email Wednesday morning, titled, “Trump Blew it, Bigly.”

It quoted columnists at the Washington Post and the New York Times excoriating Trump’s “nihilism,” “norm-busting” and “nasty, unsettling meanness.”

Never-Trumper Max Boot was typical: “Trump showed no respect for time limits, human decency or the truth.”

Frank Bruni’s take at the Times was: “After that fiasco, Biden should refuse to debate Trump again.”

Entertainer Bette Midler took to Twitter to call Trump “a pig” and demand “a kill switch on the microphone or there’s no reason to do this again.”

Bob Woodward told MSNBC that Trump “is assassinating the presidency.”

Mika Brzezinski was apoplectic: “Why in the hell should [Biden] get back on stage with that fool.”

Sure enough, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced Wednesday that future moderators will be given a kill switch to cut candidates’ microphones.

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