Trump gets frozen out of operating Central Park’s Wollman Rink

The New York Post:

Donald Trump is being iced out of running Central Park’s Wollman Rink.

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The city Parks Department recently issued a competitive request for proposals from other firms to manage the iconic skating rink — after Mayor Bill de Blasio earlier this month announced his administration was canceling contracts with the Trump Organization to operate the site and three other popular attractions in the Big Apple’s public parks.

The mayor said he was ordering the move because the former president had incited supporters who invaded the US Capitol building — which de Blasio claimed violated city contract provisions that bar criminal behavior by operators.

The US House impeached Trump over the riots, although the Senate isn’t set to begin trial till Feb. 9.

The ice-skating rink in Central Park has long been one of Trump’s local claims to fame.

The reconstruction of Wollman Rink in the 1980s had been an embarrassing multimillion-dollar boondoggle for then-Mayor Ed Koch. Then in the summer of 1986, Trump, whose office is near Central Park, jumped into the fray and offered to rebuild the rink in time for the fall with a new smaller budget. His contractors ended up completing the project below the $3 million price tag.

Even Koch, who was feuding with Trump at the time, joked, “I am now renting him out to other cities.”

The reopening of the rink was a PR bonanza for Trump — and his contract with the city to run it lasted more than three decades.

But now city officials have said the Trump Organization’s days of running the rink are over.

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