Trump did NOT stay in the presidential suite at the Moscow Ritz, says Durham report ‘source’ probe

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Special Counsel John Durham’s report identifies Irish-born PR exec and Clinton ally Charles Dolan as the likely source of the infamous ‘golden showers’ rumor about Donald Trump in the discredited Steele dossier that ended up in the FBI director’s very awkward briefing on potential ‘kompromat’ days before he took office.

Durham’s 300-page report contains new information about the possible source of the discredited salacious claim – and puts together a detailed map of how the information may have come to light.

It says Dolan, a public relations expert with Kremlin contacts who advised Bill and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns, got a tour of the Ritz Carlton in Moscow in 2016 and met with key staff members there.

Dolan then emailed an acquaintance in Moscow saying: ‘I’m in Russia making plans to be adopted in the event this mad man [Trump] gets elected.’

Durham’s four-year investigation concluded that the FBI never had credible grounds to investigate Trump’s links with Russia before the election and didn’t find any collusion. Despite the lack of substantiation the allegations were fed to the media and jumped on by Democrats and critics.

The damning report also states that the FBI wanted to keep paying Russian national and primary source of the dossier Igor Danchenko $300,000 – even after the bureau found his evidence not credible – in an apparent bid to buy his silence.

Steele was also offered up to $1million for the now discredited claims about what Durham describes as ‘salacious sexual activity’ by Trump and any links to Vladimir Putin.