Trump Celebrates Moderna’s ‘95% Effective’ COVID-19 Vaccine, Reminds World It Happened ‘On My Watch’

Zero Hedge:

The WHO has hailed Moderna’s vaccine trial results as “encouraging”, and is delivering a more comprehensive update during a briefing in Geneva.

Moderna has just published the first headline efficacy data from its Phase 3 COVID-19 trials showing that its breakthrough mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, which is extremely similar to the Pfizer-BioNTech candidate, is 94.5% effective at preventing the virus, higher than Pfizer’s 90%, and “Sputnik V’s” 92%.

Unsurprisingly, FUTS are surging on the news, leaving US equities on track to rip at the open. And Moderna shares are soaring as well in the premarket.

Analysis of the data, covering more than 30,000 volunteers, showed the vaccine prevented virtually all symptomatic cases of the virus, as it appeared even more effective than Pfizer’s vaccine. Only five participants who received two doses of the vaccine became sick, compared with 90 coronavirus cases in participants who received a placebo. The vaccine also appears to prevent the most serious infections. “That for me is a game-changer,” Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said. Additionally, Moderna said its vaccine is stable at refrigerator temperatures for 30 days, much longer than the 7 days that analysts expected. This means that buyers may not need the extensive network of refrigerators required to store it.

Scientists praised Moderna’s vaccine for its durability, and for the comprehensiveness of the trial data. The Phase 3 trials included many ‘diverse’ groups, including a sizable number of patients from high risk groups. Here’s more on that from the FT. 

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