Trump Campaign Revs Up to Deliver ‘Knockout Punch’ to DeSantis’s Campaign

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Former President Donald Trump’s campaign is looking to deliver what has been described as a final “knock-out punch” to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s campaign, as it moves to increase efforts in Iowa — one of the three states the DeSantis campaign has primarily focused on.

Throughout the GOP primary race, many viewed DeSantis as the only viable challenger to the former president, but as months have gone by, he has failed to put a dent in Trump’s dominant lead. Rather, DeSantis has lost support, falling to third and fourth place in several polls over the past few months.

A leaked memo in July revealed the DeSantis campaign’s strategy of putting Super Tuesday states aside and instead focusing on Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire. That same month, his campaign restructured, laying off dozens of staffers and replacing his campaign manager as his steep decline in the polls accelerated.

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