Trump camp: Turnout models confirm momentum shift to president, belie Dems’ ‘red mirage’ script

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The Trump campaign on Monday said its internal voting turnout models show President Trump with robust victories in the battleground states of Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

They also said that if Trump wins enough votes on Tuesday evening, then he will declare victory — regardless of claims by Democrats.

Beyond internal polling, further external evidence shows a growing momentum shift toward Trump in the last 10 days, accelerating through the final weekend: tightening polls in battleground states where Trump had trailed, along with surprising GOP strength in early voting results and polls showing late breakers tilting toward Trump.

On a press call with reporters Monday afternoon, senior leaders of the Trump campaign said opponent Joe Biden’s campaign was lagging behind in early vote tallies to levels that would be impossible to overcome after Election Day turnout. For example, Nick Trainer, director of battleground strategy for Trump 2020, said that Biden was leading in Pennsylvania Monday evening by approximately seven hundred fifty thousand votes heading into Election Day. 

“But we know right now, there are 2.6 million Trump voters likely to show up tomorrow,” Trainer said. “And there are 1.5 million remaining Biden voters to show up tomorrow,” he said, which would leave an insurmountable gap for Biden of 350,000 votes.

Trainer said their turnout modeling showed Trump will win Election Day in Arizona by 150,000, Wisconsin by more than 100,000, Nevada by approximately 50,000 votes, and 400,000 votes in North Carolina, Ohio and Michigan.

In the prize state of Florida, Trainer said, “President Trump has an election day margin of over 500,000 net ballots.” The South Florida Sun Sentinal reported that through Sunday, the ballot differential was “Razor thin: 66.2% of registered Democrats have already voted, as have 65.9% of Republicans.”

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