Trump Calls on Supporters to Vote DeSantis After Quip

One night after labeling him “Ron DeSanctimonious,” former President Donald Trump called on his Miami supporters Sunday to vote for the popular Florida GOP governor in Tuesday’s midterm election.

“This is beautiful — what a place — hello, Miami,” Trump told a Save America rally, which aired live on Newsmax, stumping for Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. “And it’s a great honor for Marco, I can tell you. It’s great to be here in my home state of Florida. This is my homestead.

“With thousands of proud, hardworking American patriots, incredible people — just two days from now, the people of Florida are going to reelect the wonderful, the great, a friend of mine, Marco Rubio to the United States Senate, and you’re going to reelect Ron DeSantis as your governor of the state.

“And you’re going to elect an incredible slate of true MAGA warriors to Congress.”

Trump’s “DeSanctimonious” quip in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, made headlines, but he did not repeat it stumping for Republicans in Miami less than 24 hours later.

He was specific, however, to say he was stumping for Rubio in Miami, making a rare call in saying it was his rally.

“Is there any better place to be than a Marco Rubio rally?” Trump said, eschewing his usual “Trump rally” cry. “This is a Marco rally. We’ve got to make sure you win big against a radical-left crazy person — one of the worst.”


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