Trump at Nevada Rally: ‘Deadly Wave of Lawlessness’ Sweeping Nation  

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Former President Donald Trump told attendees at a Friday event in Las Vegas, Nevada, that a “deadly wave of lawlessness” is hitting the United States and fueled by Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies. While speaking at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino, Trump pointed out that violent crime has skyrocketed in “every city the radical left defunded the police,” proceeding to list crime statistics in some of the country’s largest. “In Washington, D.C., there was a 35% rise from 2019-2021, and that’s low compared to many other cities. In New York, it was up 52%. In Chicago, it was so bad it’s a war zone. It was up much more than 60%. In Atlanta, it was even worse than Chicago. You practically can’t walk outside without getting shot. It’s so bad. The list goes on and on,” the former president said. “One regret I have as president is that I let Democrats that should be running their cities do their job on crime,” he continued, lamenting that he didn’t do their job for them but promising he wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

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