Breitbart’s “Live Updates” – Reverse time order (All times EDT):

11:23 PM: Trump says it is “time to plant our flag” to “protect our history, heritage, and our great heroes.”

11:18 PM: Trump now says we will never abolish the police or the Second Amendment. He says children should be taught to honor our history and respect the great American flag. He says “we only kneel to Almighty God. This is who we are. This is what we believe.”

Trump says those who seek to erase our heritage want to dissolve the bonds of loyalty that we feel for each other and the country. He says their goal is to “end America.” He says in its place “they want power for themselves.”

He says the American people “will stand in their way” and “win quickly… with great dignity.”

11:15 PM: After saying Americans will not be silenced by the left (“They want to silence us. But we will not be silenced.”), Trump says we will not apologize for American being “the most just and exceptional” nation to ever exist on the face of the earth that was “founded on Judeo-Christian principles.”

Trump talks about the American family being the “bedrock of American life.”

“We want free and open debate,” Trump says. “Not speech codes and cancel culture.”

Trump says the “social justice” activists only “demolish” justice and society. He says they will use justice as an instrument of division and vengeance.

11:12 PM: Trump now speaking about Teddy Roosevelt and his “Roughriders” at the Battle of San Juan Hill. He says Roosevelt gave us many of our national parks, including the Grand Canyon, and oversaw the construction of the Panama Canal. He says he sent the Navy around the world to announce America’s arrival as a great naval power.

He says TR was American freedom personified.

11:10 PM: Trump calls Lincoln “the savior of our union.” He lists his accomplishments like the Homestead Act and the transcontinental railroad while leading the country through the “darkest hours of American history.” He talks about Lincoln winning the Civil War, issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, and abolishing slavery via the 13th Amendment.

11:09 PM: Trump speaking up Jefferson’s accomplishments, including the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition.” Trump says Jefferson will also never be abandoned.

1:07 PM: After talking about George Washington choosing not to be a king, Trump says King George called Washington the greatest man of the age,  and that is why he remains first in our hearts to this day. He says we will honor and cherish the father of the country, George Washington, and he will never be removed, abolished, and he will never be forgotten.

11:05 PM: Trump says children are being taught to hate our country and believe that the Founders are “villains.”

10:57 PM: Trump now rips “cancel culture” (“alien to our country) as “totalitarianism.” He says this “attack” on liberty must be stopped, and this “dangerous movement” will be exposed and preserve “our beloved way of life.” He says there is a “new far-left fascism” in schools, newsrooms, and even corporate boardrooms. He says you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, and punished if you do not partake in the “left-wing cultural revolution” that is trying to overthrow the American revolution that lifted humanity to new heights of discovery and progress. He says if you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, or follows its commandments, you will be punished. But Trump says “it’s not going to happen to us.”




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