Trump announces executive order aiming to make hundreds of deregulations amid coronavirus permanent

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Fox News:

President Trump announced an executive order Tuesday that aims to make hundreds of deregulations in the age of coronavirus permanent, something that would amount to a massive overhaul of regulatory policy.

“We’ve done far more regulation cutting than any president in history,” Trump said at a Cabinet meeting ahead of signing the order.

Fox News is told the executive order tells regulatory agencies to look at more than 600 regulatory actions — mostly deregulations, but also regulations and guidance — taken during the coronavirus pandemic and tell the White House which ones should be made permanent.

“We had cases where it would take 20 years to build a highway, you had to go through various agencies to get the same permit,” the president said.

“Do it right, do it good. Make it safe. And make sure it’s environmentally safe, for those of you in that category.”

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