Trio of thieves brazenly raid San Francisco Walgreens in broad daylight with two women looting BEHIND the counter while another clears the shelves  

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A trio of thieves in San Francisco could be seen filling their bags before emptying the shelves at a Walgreens pharmacy taking whatever they wanted

Two women and a man stashed everything they could into their open bags

Pair of women even went behind the counter to steal nicotine patches

 Trio’s actions were all caught on cellphone camera as fellow shoppers looked on

According to the latest available crime data, grand larceny rates in San Francisco were up 29 percent in early April, compared with same time last year

Three shoplifters were seen grabbing as much as they could carry as they stole items off the shelves, including from behind the counter, at a San Francisco Walgreens Pharmacy. The brazen act was all caught on camera as the clerk could do nothing but watch as the trio simply snatched whatever they could, as quickly as possible, with nobody around to stop them. The shop attendant could be heard on the radio calling out ‘code 99 in aisle one’, shorthand for a robbery in progress.

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