Translating Obama’s “Disinformation” Speech


I have written elsewhere that after reviewing several of the “Equity Action Plans 1” published by U.S. agencies, I’m beginning to suspect that “underserved” and “disinformation” may be leading candidates to become the next Current Thing 2.

No sooner did I write that but former U.S. president Barack Obama strode onto a stage at Stanford University to deliver the keynote address at a conference on “Challenges to Democracy in the Digital Information Realm” at the Stanford Cyber Policy Center. (As I noted on Twitter on 2021-06-29, ‘To appreciate how stupid people who say “cyber” sound to those who know anything about computers, replace “cyber” everywhere with “goober”. “Deputy assistant administrator for goobersecurity”, for example.’).

Well, if you want to test your endurance and tolerance for bafflegab, here is the full Obama appearance at the Stanford Gooberfest. Or, just scroll down and continue after the video embed.


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