Transgender Health Group Removes Minimum Age Guidance for Genital Mutilation, Chemical Castration

Top transgender health group World Professional Association for Transgender Health removed a section about a minimum age for beginning transgender treatments in its new guidance.

A correction issued September 15 by the group to the International Journal of Transgender Health — in which the original guidance was published September 6 — removed sections on “suggested minimal ages for gender-affirming medical and surgical treatment for adolescents.”

Such “gender-affirming” procedures — a phrase used to camouflage the grotesque nature of many of the procedures — include double mastectomies, female and male genital mutilation and removal, facial feminization and masculinization, hormone treatments and puberty blockers that cause chemical sterilization, and social transitioning (e.g. using “preferred” pronouns and names).

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is considered the leading transgender health care organization with its guidance for gender dysphoric individuals being widely used in American, British, and Canadian hospitals.

WPATH also influences health insurance policies and other health organizations such as the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The original guidance lowered treatment ages across the board. For example, the age at which children may start receiving permanently damaging cross-sex hormones was lowered from 16 to 14. Genital mutilation surgeries were lowered to 17, mastectomies were lowered to 15, and breast augmentation and masculinizing or feminizing facial surgeries were lowered to 16.


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