Tourists bloodied after man attacks them at hotel: Petaluma Police


Petaluma police said a couple visiting the Bay Area from Sweden were brutally attacked Thursday in the North Bay. The tourists were found bloodied in front of the Best Western Hotel on 200 S McDowell Blvd at 10:14 a.m., and had been attacked by Kyler Udell a 27-year-old man from Fairfield, police said. When officers arrived to the hotel, they said three people ran from a parked car towards them. Two of them were “bleeding profusely from their face area,” and one appeared to be delusional and possibly under the influence of a narcotic, authorities said. They detained all three to try and figure out what happened, and ultimately determined that the two tourists were victims and Udell was the suspect.

The couple apparently came to the hotel to pick up a friend who was staying in one of the rooms. As they were sitting in their car, Udell parked his vehicle behind theirs and blocked them from leaving, officials said. He reportedly accused the couple of coming from his hotel room, got into their car, and struck both of them. One of them was knocked out, and the other suffered a broken nose, police said. Police believe Udell held them inside their car for almost an hour while he assaulted them, took their cellphones, and demanded they show him contents from their phones.

A hotel employee checking the parking lot saw the victims in the backseat and called 911, police said.

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