Tornados Ravaged the South and Liberal America’s Reaction Was Insanely Predictable

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Town Hall:

Kentucky’s “fault” for not supporting climate legislation

A string of strong and violent storms ripped through the southern United States. The death toll varies but it could be as high as 100. Whole communities have been wiped out. It was a series of four tornados. One touched down in Arkansas and remained on the ground for 227 straight miles. The devastation is a total. Here’s the Associated Press’ coverage of a local factory in Kentucky working to get Christmas orders prepared as duck and cover warnings were heard throughout the plant.

How did the media react. First, not very strongly. As journalist Michael Tracey observed:

Deadliest natural disaster ever in Kentucky (potentially) and while it’s obviously getting media coverage, nothing like the magnitude of coverage if it were, say, NY/CA or even TX/FL. Hard to miss this ingrained geographic bias against states that elites generally do not frequent

And then, with cruelty: Liberal commentator Noel Scovell tweeted this:

It’s a tragedy.

For normal people, thoughts and prayers rang out. For liberals, they chortled and loved that these people were dead.

Why? Well, it’s Kentucky. It’s Republican, though they have a Democratic governor in Andy Beshear.

It’s a place where these people don’t go because liberals only care about urban-based settings, which isn’t America—at all. There are people who live in places that aren’t dominated by these snobby, condescending cretins. These are the folks who want to just want to put in an honest day’s work and raise families.

They don’t have the privileges of being miserable about things that aren’t real as they do in liberal America.

They don’t have the time.

They need to work on things that matter, not about which pronouns are acceptable and whether a dude swimmer can compete as a woman. It’s not Mars. The irony is that liberals are supposed to be people who want to experience new stimuli—and yet they hate rural Americans with a passion. They hate anyone who isn’t like them, and the great con is that they’ve passed on as being folks who want to build an America for everyone.

That’s the real big lie.

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