Top UK University Tells Students to Accept ‘Personal Guilt’ Before Starting Course: Report


Matriculating students at St Andrews University must pass courses where they accept their “personal guilt” in order to confront their “unconscious bias” before starting their programme, according to test material seen by The Times.

The university in Fife, Scotland, this year became the first to ever beat Oxford or Cambridge to the number one spot on the UK’s Good University Guide and is the alma mater of the future king, Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Times said that the top university has mandatory modules on diversity, consent, and climate change and claimed failure to pass them would mean the students cannot enrol.

In reaction, the University of St Andrews defended itself, calling the Times report “inaccurate” and claiming that the programmes have been in place for five years, most of which were designed by students, with only “one” person complaining during that time.

According to the newspaper of record’s report, in order to pass, students must agree to statements such as: “Acknowledging your personal guilt is a useful start point in overcoming unconscious bias.”

“It is important to think about and understand our own prejudices and stereotypes so we don’t treat someone else unfairly or inappropriately,” said another.

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