Top Coup Experts Training Left with Revolutionary Tactics Ahead of Election

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Using their expertise in past coups, professionals who assisted in overthrowing governments globally have developed thorough resources and a radical guide to instruct far-left groups — who have been training for months — in toppling a government. 

Under the guise of preventing a coup, left wing groups have been planning their own — if things don’t go as they desire on Election Day.

One site, titled “Choose Democracy,” which states, “an immediate massive response is crucial to stopping a coup“ on its homepage, provides both actions to take as well as resources describing “how other countries have successfully prevented coups.”

Millions of people can delegitimize a coup by “demonstrating, resisting orders, and shutting down the country,” the site states.

The site also prescribes a pledge which demands, “If we need to, we will shut down this country to protect the integrity of the democratic process.”

Proposing individuals become familiar with worldwide coup attempts and tactics necessary to defeat them, the site encourages readers to counter voter suppression on Election Day by documenting “intimidation” and, in the days following, to hit the streets in protest.

“We need an unprecedented number of Americans to take to the streets and stay in the streets until he [Trump] concedes,” Choose Democracy stated in a recent tweet. “But protest won’t be enough.”

The site also provides trainings and links to a variety of external workshops “to learn how you can be ready in the event of a coup.”

A training description reads:

There’s a chance that a desperate Trump will respond to a narrow victory by Biden by declaring the election fraudulent, urging his base to support his continued Presidency. This training will share the most important things to know and practice in order to be ready for that possibility.

The site’s sole workshop is led by George Lakey, best known for his 1964 A Manual for Direct Action, often referred to as the civil-rights movement’s “bible.” Lakey has led over 1,500 workshops and a number of social change movements on five continents and trained activists in countries such as South Africa, Thailand, and Sri Lanka in their struggles against repressive regimes.

He also co-founded and led Training for Change, which trained activists from all over the world in tactics for overthrowing despotic regimes.

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