Chaos erupts outside Tommy Robinson trial


A FURIOUS Tommy Robinson fan attacked a BBC film crew while supporters hurled smoke bombs after the EDL founder was jailed for nine months today.

Robinson called for protests after he was found to have “encouraged mob rule” when he breached a reporting restriction to live-stream a video outside a child grooming trial.

And far-right protesters set EU flags on fire and hurled bottles at police as ugly scenes erupted outside the Old Bailey this afternoon after Robinson was jailed for contempt of court.

As he was caged, the ex-EDL leader told his fans: “Sentenced to prison for journalism.

“Time for protests to start, this is an absolute joke! Protest outside whatever prison I’m in on Saturday please.”

He added: “Hopefully by this Saturday, I’m laying there in my cell and I can just hear all your voices outside whichever s***hole HMP I’m in.

“Just want to say to everyone I appreciate whilst I’m in there I know people will be fighting for me. But I’ll be fine in there.”

Last week, a two-day hearing at the Old Bailey had found the 36-year-old jeopardised the grooming trial by live-streaming men accused of the sexual exploitation of young girls on Facebook, in breach of a reporting ban, outside Leeds Crown Court in May 2018.

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