Tom Steyer, Pope Francis, and climate change hypocrisy

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Environmental activism doesn’t put billionaire Tom Steyer in the same realm with Pope Francis

Most leftists operate in a haze of hypocrisy, blinded by a total lack of self-awareness. They preach sanctimoniously to the rest of us about how we should lead our lives, usually without a compulsion to lead their lives in similar fashion. The “rules” they generate and enforce through intimidation, fear and often the force of government, are for the rest of us suckers. Case in point: Democrats trying to stick us with the horrors of Obamacare while demanding exemptions for their political cronies — and for themselves. But the leftist hypocrisy on climate change deserves special mention. After haranguing us for years about the need to abandon fossil fuels, to adopt renewable “clean energy” and to conserve whenever possible, environmental spokesmodels Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio fly on private jets to “climate conferences” and President Obama hikes the White House thermostat to nearly 80 degrees in the winter because he’s “from Hawaii.” One of the worst offenders of climate hypocrisy is billionaire leftist and climate “activist” Tom Steyer. Mr. Steyer feels so passionately about the subject that he essentially bought the Senate floor in 2014 for an all-night climate talk-fest. That same year, he pledged to spend more than $100 million to defeat those he denounces as climate change “deniers” in the midterm elections. The Republicans enjoyed a nationwide landslide, so great return on investment, Tom. One wonders how he made his billions.